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B2 Series Amp Manuals

800.4 MANUAL (pdf)


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Tuning Suggestions

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Bluave Marine Audio tuning suggestions


( NOTE: confirm ALL speakers and subs are in phase - a single speaker out  of phase WILL drastically effect the performance of the sound system )


Step 1 - Read page #2 SPEAKER OUTPUT & CROSSOVER SELECTION  (understand the amps functions before beginning).

Step 2 - Always tune the system with the same music source the client uses. Confirm the consumers primary source for music. (example: iPhone or  android , iTunes , iTunes downloaded , Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM , etc.. Each source can have a different level of output volume   This  is very important to confirm to be able achieve full volume.   For  example if you tune the clients system for iTunes and they primarily use  Pandora they may not be able to reach full volume potential.   


Step 3 - Confirm your vessels batteries are FULLY charged and in good operating  condition. Tuning a sound system with low or bad batteries will NOT  work and is bad on your electronic components. 


Step 4 - On your marine audio headunit check your balance “lefts & rights”


Step 5 - Confirm ALL ZONES “fade” once confirmed left and rights are correct move on to step 6


Step 6 - Confirm the Marine Audio head-unit  is set to flat - Bass 0, Mid 0, Treble 0, & if the headunit has a pre set DSP we  suggest it is turned off before tuning begins.  The general tune  should be done with the amplifier crossover sections. Once the tune is  completed you can make SMALL adjustments with the headunit ONLY if  needed. 


Step 7 - Pick a “preferably” downloaded song with a great range of lows, mids, highs

We suggest that the same song is used until the complete tune.  Then  once your satisfied with the tune try several other songs and make small  fine adjustments if needed. 


Step 8 - Ok now that steps 1-7 are confirmed - If the system has a subwoofer turn the subwoofer off by the headunit sub zone or unplug the sub or RCA if applicable.


Step 9 - With the gain the entire way down on the amp channels.  Pre-set the frequency’s and setting as suggested in page #2


Step 10 - Designate a “MAX” volume headunit.  We suggest picking a volume about  85-95% of the highest volume number on the headunit for example. If the  max volume is 50 you would set your designated max volume at 45.  Keep  the head unit at 45 and the song on repeat Until the complete tune  process is complete.


Step 11 - Tune one set of channels/speakers at a time.  We suggest this because  every speaker location may perform / respond differently. So one set of  channels/speakers may require more or less gain OR more or less  frequency. 


Step 12 - With the frequency at the suggested position Start working the gain up  slowly till you reach a high & clear volume.  If or once you hear  distortion slowly back the gain down till the distortion is audibly gone  and then down another 5% ( low distortion will accrue before you can  hear it by ear ).  If you have it available you can use a distortion  detector or scope to set your max gain. 


Step 13 - Now that the gain is set you can finesse the frequency by SMALL  movements.  Try lowering the frequency & try raising the frequency  to find the best performance.  Once this is completed you maybe able to  slightly raise your gain to achieve max performance.  (remember the  suggested frequency setting are for the majority, however some vessels  may perform completely different and require setting outside of the  suggested tune )


Step 14 - Now that channel/speaker 1/2 are fine tuned.  Repeat steps 8-12 for all  applicable channels/speakers/subs (remember to re-activate your subwoofer  once all coaxials are tuned ) 


Step 15 - Test a variety of songs and sources to confirm your system is well balanced and performing at max potential.  


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