The industry first marine grade 3-way component sets, with unmatched  sound quality and volume.   The focus of the design is to overcome one  of the most overlooked keys to a great sound system, speaker placement!

 We all know in many cases we just don’t have the proper location to  achieve the best overall sq and volume.   This is where the EM7.0CX2  & EM9.0CX2 come into play.  This 3-way set is a combination of our  amazing performing CX2 coaxial and a  “modified” EM2.0TR.     The 2.0  can simply be placed where standard sized coaxial drivers just can’t  fit.    This allows you to mount the 7.0 or 9.0 in the best location for  incredible mid bass response and move the 2.0 in a higher position to  cover the higher frequencies.  This flexibility in speaker placement  will produce unmatched sound quality and extreme volumes. 

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